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Hello, It's Josh.

I hail from Concord, North Carolina.

Laptop with code on it


I’m an aspiring web designer and developer who believes the internet has the power to change the world. I'm excited to learn how to tell stories through code and design. I look forward to expressing my creativity in such a unique way.

I've been a pastor for the past year and a half. I see the web as the future of reaching people and impacting their lives.

Pen laying on weekly planner


I want to know everything I can about building web sites and increase my knowledge, skills and abilities in:

I’d like to help churches, nonprofit organizations, and businesses tell their story and complete their mission.

Comic book stand full of comics


To much work can be daunting. Sometimes we need some fun. Here are a few of my favorite things to do for fun!

I’d try to make a list of my favorite stories, but it's just to hard. I love so many!